Rich Text Widget screen

Shows a rich text snippet on a custom page.

Figure: Rich Text Widget screen

Rich Text Widget screen CSS tab



How to Start

  1. Click Page Builder.
  2. On the Page Builder screen, do one of these:
    • Create a Custom Page.
      1. Click Add Row

        Custom Page screen
    • Open a custom page
      1. Click the bottom horizontal line of the row or right side vertical line of the row or column.

        Click Bottom Line
      2. Click Add.

        Click Add
  3. Click Add Widget.

    Custom Page Design screen
  4. On the Pick a Widget screen, on the Content tab, click Rich Text.

    Rich Text Widget


Field Name Definition

CSS Classes

Specifies custom CSS classes to apply to the rich text widget.
Accepted Values:
One or more custom CSS classes from the list.

This field shows the CSS classes that are configured in the CSS files you upload on the Style Properties screen.

Default Value:


Adds the widget to your custom page.