JavaScript is a scripting language that is typically used for client-side processing in web-based applications. You can use JavaScript to customize your AgilePoint NX applications.

Integrations and Connectors

AgilePoint NX integrates in these ways with JavaScript:

  • JavaScript methods for eForms
  • Custom JavaScript in App Builder
  • Custom JavaScript in eForm Builder
  • Custom JavaScript in Page Builder

JavaScript Methods for eForms

You can use out-of-the-box (OOTB) JavaScript methods to customize an eForms.

These are examples of actions you can do with the OOTB JavaScript methods:

  • Upload files
  • Get field values or other data
  • Execute lookups, rules, or formulas

For more information, refer to JavaScript Methods.

Custom JavaScript in App Builder

You can create a JavaScript code snippet to use in AgilePoint NX app.

For more information, refer to Add JavaScript Code to an Application.

Figure: JavaScript Code Screen

JavaScript Code Screen

Custom JavaScript in eForm Builder

You can create a JavaScript code snippet to use in eForms. You can use the same shared JavaScript for all eForms and form controls in an AgilePoint NX app.

Figure: Form JavaScript Screen

Form JavaScript Screen
Figure: Shared Form JavaScript Screen

Shared Form JavaScript Screen

Custom JavaScript in Page Builder

You can create custom JavaScript code snippets in Page Builder to use on custom pages.

For more information, refer to Custom JavaScript screen.

Figure: Custom JavaScript screen

JavaScript File Screen

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