Process Builder

Process Builder is a visual tool where you can create workflows and the logic for processes and applications with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

  • Fully configurable with no code - The Process Builder is a fully configurable, no-code-required environment that is open and extensible, allowing you to extend your workflows and apps with HTML5, JavaScript, and other programming languages, when necessary.
  • Drag-and-drop activities - The Process Builder has one of the most comprehensive lists of activities in the industry. To use an activity in a workflow, all you have to do is pick the activity off a menu and drag and drop it into a swimlane, and a configuration wizard opens.
  • Wizard-driven - The Process Builder is a wizard-driven environment, opening configuration wizards for you to help you configure your application.
  • System integration - The Process Builder lets you integrate data into your workflows from any of your existing systems of record, including SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce account, Dynamics CRM, SAP, and others.
Figure: Process Builder

Process Builder

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