Cluster Server Manager (CSM)

Cluster Server Manager (CSM) is a software service that lets AgilePoint Server operate effectively in a network load balanced (NLB) or failover environment.

In older versions of AgilePoint BPMS v5.x, CSM was a software component that was installed and maintained separately from AgilePoint Server. In AgilePoint NX, CSM is integrated with AgilePoint Server. However, CSM still runs as an independent Windows service, and has its own configuration settings. Therefore, references still exist in the documentation to the CSM software, even though it is now a part of AgilePoint Server.

The AgilePoint CSM lets AgilePoint to work with NLB, but it is not NLB software. NLB environments may require specific hardware, software, or operating system options that are not covered in the AgilePoint System Requirements. For more information, see your network system administrator.

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CSM, Cluster Server Manager