An entity is a data model component that stores and organizes information. Within many cloud-based services, including AgilePoint NX, an entity is similar in concept and function to a table in a database. Entities let you create a custom data model that is native to the cloud service as an alternative to an external data source

AgilePoint NX

In AgilePoint NX, an entity is similar to a database table. Fields in an entity are similar to columns in a database. AgilePoint NX provides a number of standard entities out of the box. You can also create custom entities.

Third-Party CRM Services

Most CRM services, such as Salesforce or Dynamics CRM, use entities, or a similar concept, like database tables.


In NetSuite, entities refer only to built-in, or standard, entities. AgilePoint also supports custom-created data categories, which NetSuite calls custom record types.


You can retrieve data from OData entities with an entity set query.

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