TLS is a security technology that gives authentication, privacy, and data integrity between a server and a client.

Integrations and Connectors

AgilePoint NX integrates in these ways with TLS:

  • AgilePoint Server

AgilePoint Server

You can configure AgilePoint NX components to use TLS.

For more information, refer to Configure AgilePoint NX Components for HTTPS, TLS, and SSL.


All communication through AgilePoint NX OnDemand and AgilePoint NX PrivateCloud occurs securely over HTTPS. This is also the case for AgilePoint NX OnPremises if SSL or TLS is configured. HTTPS is highly recommended for AgilePoint NX OnPremises.

For more information, refer to Configure AgilePoint NX Components for HTTPS, TLS, and SSL.

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Some information about third-party integrations is outside the scope of the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation, and it is the responsibility of the vendors who create and maintain these technologies to provide this information. This includes specific business uses cases and examples; explanations for third-party concepts; details about the data models and input and output data formats for third-party technologies; and various types of IDs, URL patterns, connection string formats, and other technical information that is specific to the third-party technologies. For more information, refer to Where Can I Find Information and Examples for Third-Party Integrations?

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