Modern Add An App Experience (Process-Based App)

Modern Add an App Experience gives you the features needed to create an app in App Builder.

With Modern Add an App Experience, you can:

  • Create an app using wizard that is free from technical jargon.
  • Select visually appealing app themes.
  • Step through a checklist of common app dependencies, such as:
    • Apply a style to your app
    • Target the app to groups and roles
    • Add images to use in your app
    • Add custom JavaScript or CSS
  • Securely share your app for co-authoring and ownership.
Figure: What type of app would you loke to build? screen (Modern)

What type of app would you loke to build screen


Good to Know

  • After you create a form-based app, you cannot change the app to use a different data source. For example, you can not change a form-based app to use a different entity or SharePoint list than the one specified when the app was created. This limitation also applies to cloned apps. That is, you cannot clone a form-based app, and then change the data source in the cloned app.

How to Start

  1. Click App Builder.

    Click App Builder
  2. On the App Builder Home screen, click Add App.

    Click Add App
  3. On the What type of app would you like to build? screen, click Process-Based App.