Embed Widget screen

Shows an embedded content on a custom page.

Figure: Embed Widget screen

Embed Widget screen


  • (Example) Embed Widget in Page Builder
  • Examples - Step-by-step use case examples, information about what types of examples are provided in the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation, and other resources where you can find more examples.


How to Start

  1. Click Build Pages Build Pages icon.
  2. On the Pages screen, do one of these:
    • Create a Custom Page.
      1. Click Add Row.
    • Open a custom page
      1. Click the bottom horizontal line of the row or right side vertical line of the row or column.
      2. Click Add Add icon.
  3. Click Add Widget.
  4. On the Pick a Widget screen, on the Media tab, click Embed Embed icon.


Field Name Definition

Fit To Width

Specifies whether to stretch the file such as image, audio to 100% width of the column.
Accepted Values:
  • On - Stretches the file to 100% of the column width.
  • Off - Shows the file in its original size.
Default Value:

Content Embed URL

Specifies the embedded URL of a file, an image, or an audio file.
Accepted Values:
A string in URL format. The URL must be in a format that lets the content be embedded on a web page.
Default Value:
Refer to:


Adds the widget to your custom page.