Create a Subform Inside Another Subform

To configure a nested subform, do the procedure in this topic.


Good to Know

  • You can create up to three levels of nested subforms within a subform.
  • Some form controls can not be used in a subform.
  • For a nested subform, operations such as cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, and duplicate do not work.
  • You can not drag a subform from one form section to another.

How to Start

  1. On the Application Explorer screen, do one of these:
  2. Do one of these:
    • Add a Subform control:
      1. On the eForm Builder screen, in the Toolbox, open the Common Controls tab.
      2. On the Common Controls tab, drag a Subform form control onto your eForm.
    • Change a Subform control:
      1. On your eForm, click the control, and click Edit .
  3. Complete the fields as necessary.
  4. On the eForm Builder screen, click the Subform form control, and click Design Subform .


  1. (Optional) If you want to change the columns on your subform, do one of these.
    • To add a column to your subform, click Add Column .
    • To delete a column from your subform, click Remove Column .
  2. Configure your form control as necessary.
  3. To create a nested subform, add a Subform form control to your subform. For more information, refer to one of these procedures:
  4. Complete the settings on the configuration screens. You can use the Process Data screen to specify a variable.

    For more information, refer to Use Process Variables to Configure an Activity or a Form Control.

  5. Configure the nested subform.

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