(Example) Configure a Condition Activity (Compare Leave Hours)

This example shows how to configures a conditional expression to check the leave availability for the Absence Request process.

Background and Setup

Good to Know


  1. In Process Builder, in the Activity Library, open the Common Common icon tab.

    Open Common Tab
  2. On the Common tab, drag the Condition Condition icon activity onto your process.

    Drag Condition Activity
  3. On the Condition Builder screen, in the IF field, enter Available.

    IF Field
  4. Click Edit Edit icon.

    Click Edit
  5. On the Condition Builder > Build Basic Query screen, click App Data > Form Data.

    Expand Form Data
  6. In the Rule Variable field, drag the TotalHoursRequested form field.

    Drag TotalHoursRequested
  7. In the Operator field, select <= from Number data type.

    Number data type
  8. In the Rule Value field, drag the LeaveAvailable form field.

    Drag LeaveAvailable
  9. To make sure the rule is correct, click Validate Validate icon.

    Click Validate
  10. Click Back Back icon to save your rule and go back to the Condition Builder screen.

    Click Back
  11. Click Finish.
  12. The Process Builder shows the Leave Available Condition activity for the Absence Request process.

    Leave Available Condition activity