(Example) Configure the Sequence Number Form Control

This example shows how to configure the Sequence Number form control.

Background and Setup


This example shows how to create the Sequence Number form control that is configured in the Sales Invoice app to show an alphanumeric string with a number that increments each time a new instance of an eForm starts.

Invoice Number field


Good to Know

  • Sales Invoice is an app that creates an invoice for the products sold. This app provides a Sales Invoice Request eForm to enter the details for the invoice. When you configure the Sequence Number form control in the request eForm, the invoice number increments each time a new instance of an eForm starts. This results in a unique number for the eForm instance, which serves as an invoice number.
  • If a form user starts a new instance of an eForm, and then cancels it without submitting the form, the sequence number created for the eForm instance becomes unusable. The next time an eForm instance is created, a new sequence number is created.

Step 1: Configure the Sequence Number form control

First, configure the Sequence Number form control on the Sales Invoice Request eForm.

How to Start

  1. Click App Builder.

    Build Apps screen
  2. On the Application Explorer screen, click Sales Invoice > Processes > Sales Invoice > Forms > Task Forms > Sales Invoice Request.

    Sales Invoice app


  1. On the Sales Invoice Request form, put your cursor over the Invoice Number form control, and the form control toolbar shows.

    Sequence Number Form Control Toolbar
  2. Click Edit Properties Edit Properties icon.

    Edit Properties icon
  3. On the Field Settings - Sequence Number screen, on the General tab, in the Label field, enter Invoice Number.

    General tab

    When you click the Internal Name field, this field complete by default based on the value you enter in the Label field.

    General tab
  4. Click the Configure tab.

    Configure tab
  5. On the Configure tab, in the Prefix field, enter INV- to show before the invoice number.

    Configure tab
  6. In the Leading Zeroes As Placeholder Columns field, enter 5 to add the leading zeroes (0).

    Configure tab
  7. In the Start Value field, enter 1 that shows the first number in the increment series.

    Configure tab
  8. In the Increment By field, enter 1 to increment the invoice number each time by 1.

    Configure tab
  9. In the Suffix field, enter -, and drag Current Year from the System Data tab.

    Configure tab
  10. To save the changes, click Close Screen Close Screen icon.

    The Sales Invoice Request form shows.

    Sales Invoice Request form

    To check the Sequence Number form control, you must publish and run the app to create an instance of the eForm.

How to Get the App

This example is based on the Sales Invoice app from the AgilePoint NX App Store. Use this procedure to get the app.


Good to Know

  • This procedure is optional. It is provided so you can test the example with an out-of-the-box app.
  • This is part of the Background and Setup procedures, but many users preferred this step to appear after the example, not before it.


  1. Click App Store App Store icon.

    App Store
  2. In the CATEGORY section, click Sales.

    App Store screen
  3. Click the Sales Invoice app.

    Sales Invoice screen
  4. On the Sales Invoice screen, click Add.

    Sales Invoice screen
  5. On the Trust App screen, click Trust it.
  6. Click Return to site.