Create an E-mail Template for an Approval with Plain Text

To create an e-mail template with plain text for e-mail that participants will use to approve a request, do the procedure in this topic.

How to Start

  1. Do one of these:


  1. On the New E-mail Template screen, complete the fields as necessary except the Content or E-mail Body field.
  2. Complete the body field with these guidelines.
    • Xpath-Node represents a valid Xpath node — for example, {/pd:MyFields/pd:Approval}
    • Value represents the value you want to pass when the user selects this option. A common usage is True or False. The action that is selected with the X will be processed along with any information in the remarks section.
    • Approved or rejected options:

      Note that the terms used in the email can follow the format approved/rejected, or yes/no.

      Approval Keywords Rejection Keywords
      {Approve [] = {Xpath-Node}=Value} {Reject [] = {Xpath-Node}=Value}
      {Approved [] = {Xpath-Node}=Value} {Rejected [] = {Xpath-Node}=Value}
      {Yes [] = {Xpath-Node}=Value} {No[] = {Xpath-Node}=Value}
    • {Remarks [] = {Xpath-Node}}
      Note: The Remarks should be entered between the [] in Remarks [].
    • {Comments [] = {Xpath-Node}}
    You can use this example as a guide.
    Approval Information
    Please put X between [] for Approved or Rejected.
    Additional remark/comment can be entered between Remarks []
    {Approved [] = {pdmyFields/pd:Approved}=True}
    {Rejected [] = {pdmyFields/pd:Approved}=False}
    {Remarks [This is a test] = {pdmyFields/pd:Remark}}