Human Tasks and Forms

When a person does an action within your process or application, the action is recorded using an online form. AgilePoint NX has several ways to add forms to your process.


eForms are web-based forms made with the AgilePoint NX eForm Builder.

You can use eForms for human tasks within an AgilePoint process. Alternatively, you can use eForms as standalone forms that you can connect from any application that uses a web service, whether it is built with AgilePoint or not.

For anonymous authentication, you can use anonymous forms​ to let a runtime app user complete an eForm with no authentication to AgilePoint NX. This is useful if you want people to use your process-based app with no user account. The only accepted participant is an anonymous form user. For more information, refer to (Example) Use Anonymous Authentication in a Process-Based App.

External Forms

External Forms activities let you use form technologies from an external source. You can use any form technology that uses a web service or similar service, such as WCF. Supported form technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • .NET (.aspx) forms
  • Java (.jsp) forms
  • Windows forms
  • Mobile applications

External Forms also include the Web Form activity. The Web Form activity uses a web page as the user interface for a human task. The web page's URL is configurable and can include URL parameters. Thus one common use of this activity is to connect several different tasks with the same web page. Each activity can pass different input values to the web page with URL parameters to make the web page open correctly for each task.

Mobile View

For eForms and External Forms, you can specify how your forms show in the AgilePoint mobile app.