Where Can I Find Information and Examples for Third-Party Integrations?

For examples of use case implementations or configuration field input values for third-party products, AgilePoint recommends these resources.

Note: Example input values for process activities (Process Builder) and form controls (Form Builder) that integrate with third-party technologies are outside the scope of the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation. For more information, refer to the resources on this page.
  • Examples - The Examples documentation provides basic examples for some third-party and open source technologies, such as JavaScript and CSS.

    In most cases, procedures for configuring non-open-source, third-party technologies are outside the scope of these example topics, but there are occasional exceptions.

  • JavaScript Methods for eForm Builder - Examples for JavaScript methods that are available out-of-the-box (OOTB) in AgilePoint NX.
  • REST API - Code examples for implementing the REST API.
  • Access Tokens - Examples for connecting to third-party systems that use OAuth 2.0 authentication are provided whenever feasible.
  • AgilePoint Community Forums - A free, AgilePoint-moderated, crowd-sourcing user forum where you can ask questions about specific techniques, the solutions to use cases, workarounds, or other topics that may not be covered in the Product Documentation.
  • Professional Services - If you can not find the information you need for your specific business problem, mentoring is available through AgilePoint Professional Services.
  • Personalized Training - AgilePoint can provide personalized training for your organization. To request personalized training, contact AgilePoint Sales.
  • Third-Party Vendor Documentation - Whenever feasible, AgilePoint provides links to third-party vendor documentation.

    This does not include technology standards or protocols, such as JavaScript, REST, or FTP. Resources for these technical standards are publicly available on the Internet.


It is AgilePoint's policy that third-party vendors are responsible for providing documentation for their software and services. To understand why it is usually not feasible for the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation to include detailed examples for third-party integrations, consider the following:

  • Accuracy is the highest priority for AgilePoint NX Product Documentation. Because third-party procedures change frequently, and without notice to AgilePoint, it is not possible to ensure the accuracy of use case examples for many technologies.
  • AgilePoint NX supports nearly 100 third-party technologies, and the number grows with every release. It is not feasible to provide realistic use case examples for each and every input field for each of these technologies.
  • Use case examples for third-party technologies require configuration and maintenance in not only AgilePoint NX, but also the third-party technology. This configuration would require time from resources with hands-on expertise in each and every technology with which AgilePoint NX integrates.
  • It is not possible for AgilePoint to guarantee it can indefinitely maintain stable environments that support realistic use cases in every third-party technology supported by AgilePoint NX. Therefore, third-party configuration use cases cannot be updated on an ongoing basis.
  • AgilePoint NX is industry-agnostic. AgilePoint NX users span industries including high tech, finance, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and many more. Through experience, AgilePoint has learned that a use case example that applies to one industry may not apply to another. It is not feasible for AgilePoint to provide use case examples for every industry AgilePoint NX supports.
  • Many AgilePoint NX users report that they prefer detailed examples for use cases that are applicable to their specific applications. AgilePoint can sometimes create relatively simple examples in third-party technologies, but it is not possible to create and maintain a variety of complex use cases that utilize a range of functionality in most third-party technologies supported in AgilePoint NX in a way that would satisfy the business requiements of most application designers.

Case Illustration

To better understand why creating detailed use case examples is not feasible in the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation, consider the AgilePoint NX integration for Microsoft Teams. 15+ Microsoft Teams activities are available in Process Builder. Microsoft Teams is a critical integration for some users, but it is not used by the majority of AgilePoint NX customers. To create detailed use case examples, would require AgilePoint to:

  • Create a robust and realistic Microsot Teams environment with teams, groups, users, channels, and calendars.
  • Create a robust and realistic AgilePoint NX app that uses all of these features in MS Teams.
  • Maintain the MS Teams environement and NX app indefinitely as both UIs change.
  • Adapt both the MS Teams environment and NX app to use new features in a realistic way when activities are added or removed.
  • Create and maintain multiple versions of the MS Teams environment and NX app for various business cases and industries.

The resources required for this level of setup and maintenance on an ongonig basis for all of the nearly 100 third-party integrations and connectors supported in AgilePoint NX would add significant cost to the AgilePoint NX product, and such an increase would not be supported by most AgilePoint NX customers. This is why use case examples for third-party technologies are mostly provided outside of the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation.