widget form

A widget form is a type of form-based app that shows as a widget on a custom page in Page Builder. A widget form uses form controls that can retrieve and display information, but cannot store data that is input from a runtime app user.

Widget forms can be used as a way to dynamically display information on a custom page through lookups created in eForm Builder. For example, a widget form can have text-based form controls that display information about system activity, such as announcements, news feeds, reports, or logs. They can also show information such as maps in a map-based form control.

Some form controls in widget forms can allow users to interact with them, such as through hyperlinks, third-party search fields, or interactive maps. The limitation is that widget forms cannot store data in a data source. For example, a runtime app user cannot enter text in a Text Box form control and have that text stored in an entity or SharePoint list.

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