Modern Work Center

Modern Work Center is an AgilePoint NX component where you can access to the information about the work you care about, and the apps that are available for your use.

  • Inbox provides information about the tasks and process instances that are active in the system. You can click any item in a task list or process list to see the options available.
  • My Apps provides a list of apps that have been published for your use. Click any app to start a new instance.
  • My Planned Tasks provides a list of events, appointments, and tasks added to your planner. You can set specific due dates and track your events, appointments, and tasks each day.
  • Watchlist provides a list of running processes added to your watchlist whose status you want to track.
  • Dashboard and Statistics provide a visual overview of the information that is most relevant to your work, such as your number of tasks that are due and your task completion rate.
Figure: Modern Work Center

Work Center screen

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