Analytics Center

The Analytics Center is an AgilePoint NX component where you can create, run, and configure reports and reports settings related to data in your apps. With Analytics Center you get the following:
  • Advanced Visualization – Get a view of real-time information displayed in impactful charts and graphs, and present it in a more persuasive way.
  • Interactive, Ad-hoc Dashboards – Building dashboards in Analytics Center is easy and intuitive, and dashboard are interactive with drill down and cross filtering support.
  • Intuitive Report Builder with Live Preview – Never built a report? No problem: A wizard is there to help guiding you through the easy process, and a live report preview feature lets you see in real time how your report will look.
  • Responsive Design - Consistent experience on any device.
  • Adaptive and Responsive – Mobile, tablet, and high-resolution display ready.
  • Sharing – Email the report or dashboard link, and embed it, or attached it as a file (Word, Excel, PDF, XML, CSV, JSON).
  • Enterprise-Level Governance – Robust governance through fine grained permission control at both tenant level as well as individual report level.
  • Integrated Security - Enterprise grade security controls at the tenant and report level.
Figure: Analytics Center screen

Analytics Center screen

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