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Access token is a key concept in AgilePoint NX for connecting to external services. The term access token is also used in other technologies, such as OAuth. However, these terms do not mean exactly the same thing. It is helpful to understand the differences if you are familiar with third-party uses of the term access token.

Access Tokens in AgilePoint NX

An access token is a secure object that stores an endpoint (usually a URL) and authentication credentials to connect to a service or technology. Often this is an external or third-party service, like Salesforce or SharePoint, but access tokens can also connect to an AgilePoint NX enviornment, local database, or other types of technologies. Once an access token is created, app designers can simply select and reuse it, rather than entering the credentials each time they are needed.

You can control which application designers can use an access token by configuring it at the global level or app level, or with roles. For more information, refer to Security Settings.

Access tokens are collections of credentials that are used to authenticate communication directly between AgilePoint NX and an external system. Because it is the AgilePoint NX system that uses these credentials, rather than an app, there is no difference between design time and runtime access tokens. Access tokens are never checked in or published, and they do not use version control. If you change an access token in the App Builder or Manage Center, the access token changes immediately everywhere the access token is used. Changes to app level access tokens apply to all versions of an app, including running application instances. Changes to global access tokens apply everywhere they are used in AgilePoint NX. You can not roll back an access token to a previous version.

Access Tokens in OAuth

In OAuth, an access token is a string that identifies a secure connection between one endpoint and another. Unlike access tokens in AgilePoint NX, an OAuth access token does not include authentication credentials.

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