SDK (software development kit)

An SDK (software development kit) is a set of tools provided by software companies that programmers can use to customize, extend, or interface with their software. AgilePoint NX does not have a product or component called an SDK. Instead, several AgilePoint NX features together provide software programming tools for customization and extensibility. Taken together, these features are sometimes informally referred to as the AgilePoint NX SDK:

  • APIs - Software developers can create custom programs and services to interface with AgilePoint NX.
  • AgilePoint NX Developer - Software developers can create custom AgilePoint NX components, such as process activities.
  • JavaScript - Software developers can customize and extend eForms and custom pages.
  • CSS - Software developers can customize the look and feel of eForms and custom pages.
  • Activities - Software developers can use some process activities to create or interface with custom code or third-party software, such as web services.

For more information, refer to How Can I Customize and Extend AgilePoint NX?

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SDK, software development kit