Tenant Administrator (setting)

The Tenant Administrator is a special setting that can only be assigned to one AgilePoint ID in an instance of AgilePoint NX Portal. In the NX Portal, this user is referred to as the Tenant Administrator.

By default, in AgilePoint NX OnDemand (public cloud) the Tenant Administrator is the user who submits the initial request for the tenant. In AgilePoint NX OnPremises or AgilePoint NX Private Cloud, the AgilePoint NX System Administrator (AgilePoint System Account) assigns the Tenant Administrator when they provisions the tenant.

Figure: Tenant Information tab (Settings)

Tenant Information tab

Applies to Deployment Types



AgilePoint NX Portal tenant

  • An AgilePoint NX Portal instance can have only one Administrator of this type.
  • Only the current Tenant Administrator can change the Tenant Administrator setting.

    For more information, refer to How Do I Change the Tenant Administrator?

How To Create or Change the Tenant Administrator

Good to Know

  • These administrator types have similar names, and they are easy to confuse:
    • The AgilePoint NX System Administrator is a person who is responsible for several administrator accounts and roles. In most cases, there is one primary AgilePoint NX System Administrator, but this is not a technical limitation.
    • A tenant administrator is a person who is resonsible for one AgilePoint Server tenant. In multi-tenant environments, each tenant can have its own administrator, but this is not a technical limitation.
    • The AgilePoint System Account is a set of credentials for managing AgilePoint Server. There can be only one AgilePoint System Account. In most cases, one human user is assigned these credentials.
    • The AgilePoint Service Account is a set of credentials AgilePoint Server uses to connect with other systems. There can be only one AgilePoint Service Account. Only the AgilePoint Server software uses these credentials, and they are not assigned to a human user. However, the AgilePoint NX System Administrator is usually responsible for maintaining these credentials.
    • The Tenant Administrator is a master administrator setting for the NX Portal. There can be only one Tenant Administrator.

      The Tenant Administrator is assigned on the Tenant Settings.

    • The Administrator is a security role on the NX Portal. Any number of users can be assigned the Administrator role.

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