OAuth 2.0 access token

An OAuth 2.0 access token is a standards-based secure string used for authorization without a password that is input by a human user. An OAuth 2.0 access token is often used for authorization between one software application and another.

There are two uses of the term "access token" for Oauth 2.0 in AgilePoint NX. This article refers to the native use of "access token" for the OAuth 2.0 protocol. The other use is the AgilePoint NX access token that lets you connect to a REST service that uses a custom OAuth 2.0 authorization scheme. The AgilePoint access token for OAuth 2.0 includes the native OAuth 2.0 access token as part of its authentication credentials. Because these are two different uses of the term "access token" in relation to OAuth 2.0, these two concepts can be easily confused. For more information about the access token for OAuth 2.0 in AgilePoint NX, refer to OAuth 2.0.

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