Manage Permission Group (Analytics) screen

Specifies the roles to assign to the Analytics permission group in Data Entities.

Figure: Manage Permission Group (Analytics) screen

Manage Analytics Permission Group screen


Good to Know

  • Analytics is a permission group associated with roles to use an entity in reports and dashboards in Analytics Center.
  • Analytics is different from other permission groups:
    • Even though the Analytics permission group is managed in the Data Entities component for specific entities, it allows data from the entity to be used in Analytics Center.
    • Most permission groups are associated with users and groups. The Analytics permission group is associated with roles.
  • For more information about Data Entities permissions, refer to Data Entities Permissions Overview.

How to Start

  1. Click App Builder.

    Build Apps screen
  2. On the App Explorer screen, click Data Entities.

    Click Data Entities Screen
  3. On the Data Entities Home screen, click Entities.

    Click Entities
  4. On the Entities screen, click an entity.

    Entities screen
  5. Click the Permissions tab.

    Permissions tab
  6. On the Permissions tab, click Analytics.

    Click Analytics tab


Field NameDefinition

Select Roles

Specifies the roles associated with Analytics permission group.
Accepted Values:
The roles from the list.
Default Value: