Configure SharePoint Connectivity for the Email Approval AgileConnector

To configure the Email Approval AgileConnector so it can change values in SharePoint ListForm or InfoPath processes, do the procedure in this topic.


How to Start

  1. On the AgilePoint Server machine, in Windows Explorer, right-click the file (AgilePoint Server installation folder) C:\Program Files\AgilePoint\AgilePoint Server\WCFConfigurationUtility.exe, and click Run as Administrator.
  2. On the AgilePoint Server Manager screen, in the left pane, select your AgilePoint Server instance.
  3. Click Open Server Configuration Open Server Configuration icon.
  4. On the AgilePoint Configuration screen, click the Extensions tab.
  5. On the Extensions tab, select MailApproval.
  6. Click Configure.
  7. On the Configure Email Approval screen, click the Connect to SharePoint tab.


  1. On the Connect to SharePoint tab, complete these fields as necessary as necessary for your environment .
Field Name Definition

Windows Authentication

Specifies if AgilePoint uses Windows Authentication to connect to SharePoint.
Claims Authentication
Specifies Claims authentication options for SharePoint.
Accepted Values:
If this setting is selected, these types of Claims Authentication are available:
  • Form Based Authentication - Activates Forms based authentication where a custom membership provider to connect to an on-premises SharePoint environment.
  • Microsoft 365 - Activates Claims authentication to connect to SharePoint in an Microsoft 365 environment. You can use this setting side-by-side with on-premises SharePoint.
  • Federated Authentication - Activates Federated authentication to connect to SharePoint — for example, ADFS.
    Note: Out of the box, AgilePoint supports ADFS authentication. If you want to use your own authentication provider, see Federated Authentication Example.
Default Value:


The authentication domain.

This does not apply to Form Based Authentication.


The user ID of the SharePoint authentication account.


The password for the authentication account.
Accepted Values:
An alphanumeric string that represents a password.
Default Value:
Accepts Process Data Variables:

Fed Auth Url

The URI of the federated authentication provider. This provider supplies security tokens for federated authentication.
Accepted Values:
A valid federated authentication provider URI.
Default Value:
Accepts Process Data Variables: