License Info tab

Shows the license information for your AgilePoint NX, such as license key, activation date, installation date, and installed version.

Figure: AgilePoint Server Configuration > License Info tab

License Info tab

Good to Know

  • Documentation for this screen is provided for completeness. The fields are mostly self-explanatory.

How to Start

  1. On the AgilePoint Server machine, in Windows Explorer, right-click the file (AgilePoint Server installation folder) C:\Program Files\AgilePoint\AgilePoint Server\WCFConfigurationUtility.exe, and click Run as Administrator.

    Configuration Utility Run As Administrator Screen
  2. On the AgilePoint Server Manager screen, in the left pane, select your AgilePoint Server instance.

    Select AgilePoint Server Intance
  3. Click Open Server Configuration Open Server Configuration icon.

    Click Open Server Configuration
  4. On the AgilePoint Server Configuration screen, click the License Info tab.


Field NameDefinition

Save As PDF

Saves AgilePoint NX license information in PDF format.

Download .dat File

Downloads the AgilePoint NX license data file on your AgilePoint Server machine for backup purposes.

You can use this file if the AgilePoint Server license data file gets corrupted or deleted.


Opens this Screen:
Opens the AgilePoint Server Subscription screen to activate AgilePoint NX licenses.

For more information, refer to Activating AgilePoint Licenses.