Reassign Task screen (Classic Work Center)

Lets you assign the task to a different user in Classic Work Center.

Figure: Reassign Task screen

Reassign Task screen


Field NameDefinition

Assigned User

Shows the participant assigned to the task.
Accepted Values:
Read only.

This Department / Search by Full Name

Specifies how to select the user to whom to assign the task.
Accepted Values:
  • This Department - Lets you specify a user in your department.
  • Search by Full Name - Lets you search any AgilePoint NX user name in your environment.
Default Value:
This Department

Reassign To

Specifies a user to assign the task.

The list of users in this field depends on the setting for the This Department / Search by Full Name field.

Accepted Values:
A user name from the list.
Default Value: