(Example) Cancel a Process from Manage Center

This example shows how to cancel a process instance in Manage Center.

Background and Setup


Good to Know

  • As a best practice, cancelling a process in Manage Center is used for exception cases that are not handled in the configuration for an app.
  • When you cancel a process, all tasks in Assigned status are removed from the participants' task list.
  • As a best practice, if you cancel a process instance, it is recommended to search by process instance name so that you do not cancel the wrong process.

    To search by process instance name, you can retrieve it from Work Center. For more information, refer to:

    In this example, the process instance name is Sales Invoice-2022-11-28T05:05:58:102.

  • The Sales Invoice app creates an invoice for products sold by an organization. This app provides a form to enter information for the invoice. The invoice request is then routed for escalating approvals from the finance manager.

    For the use case in this example, after the process starts, the customer has canceled the sales order. A user with the necessary access rights cancels the process in Manage Center.

How to Start

  1. Click Manage.

    Click Manage
  2. In the Manage Center, click Runtime Management > Processes.

    Click Runtime Management Processes
  3. On the Process Search screen, select Search By Process Instance Name.

    Select Search By Process Instance Name
  4. In the Process Instance Name field, enter the name of the process instance to cancel.

    In this example, the process instance name is Sales Invoice-2022-11-28T05:05:58:102.

    Enter Process Instance Name
  5. In the Status field, select Running and Suspended.

    Process Search Statuses
  6. Click Search.


  1. On the Process Search screen, select the process instance.

    Select Process Instance
  2. Click Cancel Cancel icon.

    Cancel Process
  3. In the Reason field, enter the information about the cancel action.

    In this example, the reason is The customer has cancelled the sales order.

    Enter Reason
  4. Click Ok.

How to Get the App

This example is based on the Sales Invoice app from the AgilePoint NX App Store. Use this procedure to get the app.


Good to Know

  • This procedure is optional. It is provided so you can test the example with an out-of-the-box app.
  • This is part of the Background and Setup procedures, but many users preferred this step to appear after the example, not before it.


  1. Click App Store App Store icon.

    App Store
  2. In the CATEGORY section, click Sales.

    App Store screen
  3. Click the Sales Invoice app.

    Sales Invoice screen
  4. On the Sales Invoice screen, click Add.

    Sales Invoice screen
  5. On the Trust App screen, click Trust it.
  6. Click Return to site.