(Example) Add a New User with an AgilePoint ID

This example shows how to add a new user to AgilePoint NX in Manage Center.

Background and Setup

Video: Authentication


Good to Know

How to Start

  1. Click Manage.

    Click Manage
  2. In the Manage Center, click Access Control > Users.

    Click Users
  3. On the Users screen, click Add User.

    Click Add User icon


  1. On the User Information screen, in the User Name field, enter Sarah.Lawrence.

    Enter User Name
  2. In the Full Name field, enter Sarah Lawrence.

    Enter Full Name
  3. In the Email Address field, enter sarah.lawrence@fasbey.com.

    Enter Email Address
  4. In the User Authentication Type field, select AgilePoint ID.

    Select User Authentication Type
  5. Click Add User.
  6. On the New User Added screen, click Finish.

    Click Finish

    The AgilePoint NX system sends a confirmation email to the email address in the new user profile with a system-generated password.