(Example) Add a Member to a Role

This example shows how to add a member to a role in Manage Center.

Background and Setup


How to Start

  1. Click Manage.

    Click Manage
  2. In the Manage Center, click Access Control > Roles.

    Click Roles
  3. On the Roles screen, click Expand a role.

    Click Role Expand
  4. Click Edit.

    Click Edit Role icon


  1. On the Edit Role screen, in the Basic Information tab, click the Members tab.

    Click Members Tab
  2. On the Members tab, click Add Member.

    Click Member
  3. On the Add Member screen, in the Groups / Users field, select Users.

    Select Users
  4. In the User Name field, enter Sarah Lawrence.

    Enter User Name
  5. Click Search.

    Click Search
  6. In the Available Members list, select mydomain\Sarah.Lawrence.

    Select User Name
  7. Click OK.
  8. On the Members tab, click Update.

    Click Update