How Do I Start an AgilePoint Process When I Create a SharePoint List Item with PowerShell?

To start a process when a new SharePoint list item is created with PowerShell, do the procedure in this topic.


Good to Know

  • If the prerequisites are met, once you create the list item with PowerShell, your process starts.

How to Start

  1. On the primary SharePoint front-end web server, open the PowerShell command line tool.

    For SharePoint 2013, the default location is Start > Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products > SharePoint 2013 Management Shell.


  1. Use a PowerShell script to create a list item to start an AgilePoint process.


    $web = Get-SPWeb {Your SharePoint site URL}
      $list = $web.Lists["{list name}"]
      $items = $list.Items
      $item = $items.Add()
      $item["Title"] = "{list item name}"


    $web = Get-SPWeb http://win2012r2:30198
      $list = $web.Lists["Customer List"]
      $items = $list.Items
      $item = $items.Add()
      $item["Title"] = "Acme Inc."