I Customized my SharePoint List Forms using InfoPath Designer. How Do I Use My Customized Views in AgilePoint?

To use SharePoint List Forms that have been customized using InfoPath Designer in AgilePoint NX, do the procedure in this topic.


  • SharePoint List Forms that have been customized using InfoPath Designer 2010 or later.

    For instructions, see the links in More Information.

How to Start

  1. Open Process Builder and Create a Microsoft SPList process model.
  2. Provide the List URL in the Select SharePoint List window.


  1. Create the process based on your use case, except use WebForm activities for the human task activities, instead of ListForm activities, as you normally would for a SharePoint List Form based process.
  2. In the WebForm activities (that represent your human task activities), configure the following properties:
    • Work To Perform – The name of the view that has been customized with InfoPath Designer
    • Participant – Your participant for the activity.
    • WebPageUrl - http://[Site Collection]/Lists/[ListName]/Item/editifs.aspx?List=${ListID}&ID=${ListItemID}&WID=${WorkItemID}&Source=http://[Site Collection]/_layouts/AP/CompleteWorkItem%2Easpx?WID=${WorkItemID}&Web=${WebID}
  3. Once you have finished designing the process, publish the process to AgilePoint Server.
  4. Associate the SharePoint List with the process template.
  5. Create new process instances. The new customized UI is shown for the manual activities.

More Information