Limiting Rows with Custom Data Columns

If you use custom columns from custom data sources for the Task List and Process Instance List Web Parts, AgilePoint recommends limiting the number of rows that display in the Web Parts.

How to Start

  1. In SharePoint, navigate to the Task List or Process Instance List Web Part.
  2. On the Web Part window, click the Arrow button, and then click Edit Web Part. The Arrow button appears only when you move the pointer over the Web Part window.

    The navigation for this task varies, depending upon your SharePoint version and the SharePoint settings in your local environment. For more information, see the documentation for SharePoint.


  1. In the Web Part properties, change the value of the following property to 50 or lower.
    Field NameDefinition
    Max. Tasks to Retrieve

    This property limits the number of tasks to retrieve. Limiting the number of tasks to retrieve can help improve performance.

    If you are using columns that retrieve data from Custom Data Sources, AgilePoint recommends limiting this number to 50 or lower.