Why Can I Not Open an AgilePoint NX Report in SharePoint?


When I open a report with the URL [SharePoint Site URL]/_layouts/15/AP/AgileReports.aspx?reportID=ahReport[ReportID], my web browser shows a blank screen.

Note: The Report Center component (sometimes referred to as AgileReports) can only be used by customers who purchased this component before April 1, 2020. This version is no longer available for purchase, including by current and previous purchasers of AgilePoint NX or the Report Center component. In AgilePoint NX v8.0 and higher, Report Center has been replaced with the Analytics Center component.


The IP address for Report Center is not configured correctly.


  1. In the AgilePoint Configuration List in SharePoint, make sure the value of ReportCenterURL is correct .

    For more information, refer to How Do I Configure SharePoint to Show an AgilePoint NX Report?.

  2. If you can not access the report from SharePoint, do this procedure.
    1. Create the URL with this format:

      http://[Report Center domain]:[port number]/AgileReports/rdTemplate/rdGetSecureKey.aspx?Domain=[AgilePoint NX user domain]&Username=[AgilePoint NX user name]&ClientBrowserAddress=



    2. Open the URL in a web browser.
      • If the report configuration is correct, it shows a random alphanumeric string.
      • If the report configuration is not correct, an error message shows with an IP address that access the report.
        1. In a text editor, open the file [Report Center installation folder]\_Definitions\_Settings.lgx.
        2. For the AuthenticationClientAddresses attribute, add the IP address that is shown in error message.