Can I use a Different Process for Documents than I Do for New Documents?


Can I associate two process templates to the same document?

Can I use multiple Process templates to a document, one for each Insert, Update or check in?

To handle multiple process templates for the same document, is to move the document from one location to another.


To associate multiple process template to the same document, the document must be moved from one location to another associated with different process templates.

For example,

First associate a process template to a library say "New" Library, which triggers the workflow on Insert event. On approval, move the document to another folder or a second Library say "Modify". This "Modify" Library can be associated with a different process template to trigger CheckIn Event. When a user check out the document, no process will be initiated at this point. But as soon as the user checks in the modified document, the process will be initiated.

To further associate another process with the document, the document needs to be moved to another folder or Library.