How Many SharePoint Servers Can Be Workflow-Enabled Using a Single AgilePoint Server Instance?


How many SharePoint servers can be workflow-enabled using a single AgilePoint Server instance?

Is it possible for one AgilePoint Server to work with multiple instances of SharePoint?

In most cases, each AgilePoint Server instance can be used to workflow-enable only one SharePoint virtual server (including any libraries, lists, and sub-sites associated with that virtual server).


The AgilePoint SharePoint Integration component must be linked to a specific virtual server on the SharePoint server. Since only one copy of the AgilePoint SharePoint Integration component can be installed on a single machine, only one virtual server can be workflow enabled on any given machine.

AgilePoint Server is typically used with only one instance of the AgilePoint SharePoint Integration component to workflow-enable a single SharePoint virtual server. However, it may be possible to use a single instance of AgilePoint Server to workflow-enable a multiple SharePoint virtual servers, provided that certain requirements are met (e.g. each virtual server must reside on a separate machine). Please Contact AgilePoint Customer Support for more information.

NOTE: A single SharePoint virtual server can contain multiple team sites, each with it's own libraries, lists, subsites, etc. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of sites, libraries, lists, etc. that can be workflow-enabled by a single instance of AgilePoint Server.