AgilePoint Does Not Support the Custom SharePoint Event Handler - Delete Event


AgilePoint NX does not support the Custom SharePoint Event Handler - Delete Event. At this time it is only supported to initiate a process when a new item is created or when an existing item is changed.


In a SharePoint Document Library, the user wants to initiate an AgilePoint process when a document is deleted. When the document is deleted, the process requires approval before the document should be deleted. The implementation is accomplished using a custom SharePoint Event Handler - Delete Event when a document is deleted.

More Information

AgilePoint does not currently support initiating a process based on the Delete Event. The solution would be to disable the delete function in SharePoint (via security) and initiate the process manually where at the last stage, provide the delete function in the AgilePoint process model using a system activity.

WF knowingly excludes this event from WF because once a document or list item is deleted from the list it does not make sense to kick off a process since the list item won't be available in case you want to refer to it. Internally AgilePoint does support the deleting event using event handlers to cancel workflows for list items that were deleted.