Edit Role > Add Member screen

Adds members to a role.

Figure: Edit Role > Memberes > Add Member screen

Edit Role Memberes Add Member screen


  • (Example) Add System Administrators
  • Examples - Step-by-step use case examples, information about what types of examples are provided in the AgilePoint NX Product Documentation, and other resources where you can find more examples.

How to Start

  1. In the Manage Center, click Access Control Access Control icon > Roles.
  2. On the Roles screen, click Expand Expand iconfor your role.
  3. Click Edit Edit icon.
  4. Click the Members tab.
  5. Click Add Member Add Member icon


Field Name Definition

Back Back icon

Goes to the processes screen.

Groups / Users

Selects if you add a user or the members of a group to the role.
Accepted Values:
  • Group - Adds the members as groups.
  • User - Adds the members as users.
Default Value:
Refer to:

Search Search icon

Does a search based on the specified options.
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