Logs for Active Directory Synchronization

The Active Directory Synchronization module provides the following logs.


Time and Status Log

The time and status is logged in the following location:

  • AgilePointServer\log\[DateTime]-[server name].log


3/12/2012 12:53:29 PM>>
Synchronization started on 3/12/2012 12:53:27 PM 
Path=LDAP://DC=MYDOMAIN,DC=com, UserLogonDomainName=MYDOMAIN
43 groups found.
   Synchronizing users
       Updating user 'MYDOMAIN\John.Sample'. User full name:John Sample, department:
Synchronization finished on 3/12/2012 12:53:29 PM.

Error Log

Errors are logged in the following location:

  • AgilePointServer\log\ADSynchModule.log


2012-03-12 12:53:27.732 >>> Active Directory group synchronizer 
    'ADSyncModule' has been started. Configuration: every Day at 1 O'clock, 
    register user automatically=True, Path=LDAP://DC=ASTN,DC=com,