Filtering the ADSyncModule Extension

The Extra Filter feature has been added in the ADSync module using two keys of String data type: RequireExtraFilter and ExtraFilterValue. This feature provides extra filter options to synchronize users between Active Directory and AgilePoint. The RequireExtraFilter key is used to enable the Extra Filter feature. The ExtraFilterValue key stores the extra filter value which is a LDAP query. Do not use the objectcategory or objectclass keywords in the query because these keywords are included in the feature.



  1. In the Windows Registry, create the following keys in the location SOFTWARE\Ascentn\Server\ActiveDirectory


    Specifies whether additional LDAP filters are required for the Active Directory Sync module.
    Accepted Values:
    • Yes/True - Enabled
    • No/False - Disabled


    Specifies an LDAP query that defines a synchronization filter for Active Directory.
    Accepted Values:
    An LDAP query that does not include the objectcategory or objectclass keywords.
    • (mail=*)

      Synchronizes users who have email IDs.

    • (givenName=John)

      Finds users with the given name John.