Menu screen

Configures a custom menu in Page Builder.

Figure: Menu screen

Menu screen

Video: Advanced Page Builder Features


How to Start

  1. Click Page Builder.

    Build Pages
  2. On the Home screen, in the left pane, click Library.

    Click Library
  3. In the left pane, click Menu.

    Click Menu


Field NameDefinition

Add Menu

Opens this Screen:
Add New Menu Screen.
Function of this Screen:
Creates a custom menu in Page Builder..

Import Menu

Opens this Screen:
Import Menu screen
Function of this Screen:
Uploads an exported menu from your local machine, and adds it to Menu library in Page Builder

Sort By

Specifies the sort order for the menus.
Accepted Values:
  • Name - Sorts the menus in ascending, alphabetical order by menu name.
  • Modified Date - Sorts the menus by the dates they were last modified.
  • Created Date - Sorts the menus by the dates they were created.
Default Value: