Import Menu screen

Uploads an exported menu from your local machine, and adds it to Menu library in Page Builder.

Figure: Import Menu screen

Import Menu screen


How to Start

  1. Click Page Builder.

    Build Pages
  2. On the Home screen, in the left pane, click Library.

    Click Library
  3. In the left pane, click Menu.

    Click Menu
  4. On the Menu screen, click Import Menu.

    Import Menu


Field NameDefinition

Import File

Specifies a file that contains menu to use.
Accepted Values:
A JSON file that contains an exported menu.

Click the Select A File button to select a file from your local file system.

Default Value:

File Type

Shows the type of the file you selected to import.

When you select the file, this field shows the file type by default.

Accepted Values:
Read only.


Uploads the file to the Page Builder library.