Shared Form CSS screen

Applies custom CSS code to all eForms in an app.

Figure: Shared Form CSS screen

Shared Form CSS screen

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Good to Know

  • If you create a new version of an application, and change shared JavaScript or CSS at the application level, when you publish the new version, the changed shared JavaScript or CSS files apply to all versions of the application, including all previously published versions, and all application instances.

    This rule does not apply to custom JavaScripts and CSS created in an eForm. If you want to use different versions of JavaScript or CSS for different versions of an application, you can specify the scripts in your eForms, instead of specifying them at the application level.

How to Start

  1. Open eForm Builder.

    For information about how to open this screen, refer to eForm Builder screen.

    Eform Builder screen
  2. On the eForm Builder screen, click CSS > Shared CSS.

    Click Shared CSS


Field NameDefinition


Opens this Screen:
Create Style Sheet screen
Function of this Screen:
Lets you add a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).
Refer to:


Uploads a file as a shared CSS for your eForm from your local file system.
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Preview Preview icon

Lets you view the CSS or JavaScript.

Edit Edit icon

Lets you change the CSS.