Create Style Sheet screen

Lets you add a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

Figure: Create Style Sheet screen

Create Style Sheet screen


  • (Example) Use Custom CSS in an eForm
  • (Example) Use Custom CSS in a Form Control
  • Advanced Examples

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How to Start

  1. Open eForm Builder.

    For information about how to open this screen, refer to eForm Builder screen.

    Eform Builder screen
  2. On the eForm Builder screen, click CSS > Shared CSS.

    Click Shared CSS
  3. On the Shared Form CSS screen, click Add.

    Click Add


Field NameDefinition

File Name

Specifies the new name of the CSS file.
Accepted Values:
One line of text that can have spaces
Default Value:
Refer to:


A description for your CSS style sheet or JavaScript.
Accepted Values:
More than one line of text.
Default Value: