Create a Record in a Form-Based Application

To create a record in a form-based app, do the procedure in this topic.

Figure: Record screen

Record screen

Video: Form-Based App Overview

Video: Form-Based App with Salesforce



Good to Know

  • On the My Applications screen, the form name shows as the name for your form-based app.
  • You can change the default view for a form-based app.
  • By default, the form shows all completed records in the list view.
  • The new record you create shows at the top of the list of records.

How to Start

  1. Click Work Center Work Center icon.
  2. On the Work Center screen, click My Applications My Applications icon.
  3. Click your form name.
  4. Click Add Add icon


  1. On the your form, enter values in the fields.
  2. Click Submit.