Configuration Interface

SharePoint Section

  • SiteURL - Provide a valid SharePoint site URL, for example http://[hostname]:[port]/sites/MySite
  • Site Prefix - This property is optional. In case two site collections are configured then groups with common name can be distinguished using this property. For example Site "A" has group called "Employees" and Site "B" also has a group called "Employees". In AgilePoint you can create two groups "SiteA_Employees" corresponding to Employees group in site A and "SiteB_Employees" corresponding to siteB's Employees. So while configuring Site A mention "SiteA_" in site prefix so that it will sync with "SiteA_Employees" during synchronization process and for site B mention "SiteB_" in site prefix so that it sync's with "SiteB_Employees"
  • Group Prefix - This property is optional. This property is used in case a new group is created in SharePoint and you want that group to be created in AgilePoint.  If a group prefix is not empty then all the groups created in SharePoint starting with Group prefix value will be created in AgilePoint during Synchronization process. For example, the group prefix value is set as "GR_" then all the new groups in SharePoint starting with GR_ will be created and synced during synchronization process.

Option Section

This section provides an option to select what action needs to be taken when a SharePoint group member is not an AgilePoint user. Either one can select to register user to AgilePoint automatically or send a notification to AgilePoint System user. 

Schedule Section

This section is used to Schedule the frequency of Synchronization. One can configure Synchronization frequency to sync daily (Every Day) at particular time, or Weekly (Every Week) or Monthly (Every Month).