Basic Steps to Create and Run a Process-Based App (Classic)

These are the basic steps to create and run a process-based app using AgilePoint NX in the Classic Add an App experience. Click the links for more information about each step:

Video: Process-Based App

Video: Create Your First App

Video: Customer Survey Demo App

Video: eForms with SharePoint - Part 2




  1. Create a Process-Based App.
  2. Create a Process.
  3. Add a Task to a Process.

    Most processes have at least one form for user input. For your first process, AgilePoint recommends having your process start when a user completes a form. Use the eForms Start Task to create a form that starts a process.

    Other forms that are not used to start a process can use the eForms Standard Task.

    When you add your human task activity, be sure to customize your eForm.

    Note: If you are using AgilePoint NX in a trial environment, and you need to store data to use in your app, use Data Entities.
  4. Publish a process-based app to make it available to other users.

    For more information, refer to (Example) Save, Check In, and Publish a Process-Based App.

  5. Start the app.

    For more information, refer to My Apps screen (Modern).

  6. Complete your tasks in the Work Center (Classic).
  7. Monitor the progress of your process in the Manage Center.