(Example) Create a Subprocess

This section gives procedures to create a subprocess in AgilePoint NX based on the example Absence Request application.

Use Case

In this example, the Human Resources wants to separate its tasks into a separate subprocess, so that it can be changed without affecting the main parent process.

Final Result

When you complete this example procedure, the finished subprocess will look like this.

When you complete this example procedure, the finished process will look like this.

Good to Know

  • This information applies to all example documentation for AgilePoint NX:
    • This example documentation is provided only for the purpose of learning and training.
    • AgilePoint does not provide any guarantees, express or implied, that this application will function in any production environment.
    • AgilePoint NX apps — for example, the App Builder or Manage Center — may change without notice. Screen names, field names, screen capture images, and the exact order of steps in this example documentation may not match the most recent version of the AgilePoint NX user interface.