(Example) Open the Report View for a Completed eForm

This example shows how to open the eForm report view for a completed eForm.

Background and Setup

Good to Know

How to Start

  1. Click Work Center Work Center icon.
  2. On the Work Center screen, click My Applications My Applications icon

    Work Center screen
  3. On the My Application screen, click Customer Enquiry.

    My Applications screen

    The Customer Enquiry Request Form opens.

    Customer Enquiry Request Form
  4. Complete the fields on the eForm.

    Eform screen
  5. Click Submit.

Open the eForm Report View for an eForm

To open the eForm report view, do the procedure in this topic.

How to Start

  1. On the Work Center screen, click Inbox Inbox icon.

    Inbox screen
  2. Click the Processes I Started tab.

    Processes I Started screen


  1. On the Processes I Started tab, click Customer Enquiry > eForms Report View eForms Report View icon.

    eForm report View
    The View form shows the records you submitted in an eForm.

    Sales Discount Request Form

How to Get the App

This example is based on the Customer Enquiry app from the AgilePoint NX App Store. Use this procedure to get the app.


Good to Know

  • This procedure is optional. It is provided so you can test the example with an out-of-the-box app.
  • This is part of the Background and Setup procedures, but many users preferred this step to appear after the example, not before it.

Get the App

  1. Click App Store App Store icon.

    App Store
  2. In the CATEGORY section, click Marketing.

    App Store screen
  3. Click the Customer Enquiry app.

    Marketing Apps screen
  4. On the Customer Enquiry screen, click Add.

    Customer Enquiry screen
  5. On the Trust App screen, click Trust it.
  6. Click Return to site.