An authentication provider lets users sign in to AgilePoint NX Portal using their sign in credentials from an external service. Users can authenticate using AgilePoint NX credentials, or you use one or more external authentication providers.

When a user to signs in to the Portal using third-party credentials, the request is directed to the associated authentication provider. The user follows the third-party sign in process, which approves access, and then opens AgilePoint NX Portal.

Every user receives an AgilePoint ID, even if they use an external authentication provider. AgilePoint IDs control things like task assignments, even if users sign in with third-party credentials.

Figure: Authentication Configuration screen

Authentication Configuration screen

Video: Authentication

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Good to Know

  • All users get an AgilePoint ID. However, you may or may not use this ID to sign in to AgilePoint NX. This depends upon whether your organization uses AgilePoint authentication, or a third-party authentication provider, such as Salesforce or Microsoft. For more information, ask your Administrator.
  • Third-party authentication is based on trust. AgilePoint NX trusts that the third-party service has authenticated the user correctly and so they are authenticated to AgilePoint NX Portal.
  • The AgilePoint Product Documentation only provides information to configure authentication with an AgilePoint ID. For help configuring third-party authentication providers, contact AgilePoint Professional Services.

How to Start

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Click Administration.

    Click Administration


Authentication TypeSupported InMore Information

AgilePoint ID


MS Entra ID

Active Directory

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online



Amazon Cognito



CA SiteMinder