Notifications let you send a message when an event occurs in an app. You can send email notifications from any activity, or a form-based app. You can send Salesforce Chatter, SMS, Viva Engage, or Microsoft Teams notifications from human task activities. AgilePoint NX has several ways for you to create and maintain email notifications:

  • The dedicated Email activity
  • Salesforce Chatter activities
  • Viva Engage activities
  • Microsoft Teams activities
  • Email notifications for any activity
  • Microsoft Teams, Salesforce Chatter, SMS, and Viva Engage notifications for any human task activity
  • Email notifications for form-based apps
  • Global email notification templates

The exact options vary, depending upon the context, such as the type of activity, but in most cases it works almost the same.

Video: Add an E-mail Activity

Video: Process-Based App