Data Entities Security Overview

This topic gives a summary of the security settings for AgilePoint NX Data Entities.

Portal Settings for Data Entities

These are the AgilePoint NX Portal settings for Data Entities.

Video: Entity Permissions


Good to Know

How to Start

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Click Data Entities.

    Click Data Entities


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Custom Entities Can Be Deleted

Shows the delete button to delete a custom entity in AgilePoint NX Data Entities.

Entity Statuses

These are the entity statuses for Data Entities. The entity status specifies whether the entity can be used as a data source for apps.

Good to Know

  • Only the Entity Owners or Global Data Entities Permission Managers can change the status of an entity from draft to published.
  • Users who have permissions for entity records, such as Read Record or Edit Record, have the same permissions for draft and published entities.

How to Start

  1. Click Data Entities.

    Click Data Entities
  2. On the Data Entities Home screen, click Entities.

    Click Entities
  3. On the Entities screen, click Add Entity.

    Click Add Entity


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The entity can be used to store the data in an app that is created in App Builder.


An entity in draft status can not be used as a data source for apps.